Only $800 to work with streamer/power for 3rd system

I am looking for a preferably one-box or potentially two-box solution that will provide the best sound quality to stream Tidal (ethernet or wireless can work) including MQA and power my existing passive speakers (plus powered sub).  This will be for my office system at work, where I have a solo office in a large building full of other tenants.  So no loud playing most of the time but want good quality, per limited budget.

Speakers will be NHT C1 bookshelf pair with Sunfire SDS8 mini sub.  These are already in house.  Hope to keep the streamer/power solution to $800 total, given the modest speakers.

Other considerations:  Really want 32-bit DAC and MQA capability.  Don't need much power.  Don't need storage or ability to control storage - just Tidal streaming, but want Tidal support natively built-in.  Don't want to use my phone or computer because already using them at work - want the streamer/power solution to handle.  On second thought I guess control app from phone is okay, just don't want to be bluetooth streaming from phone or computer.  Would prefer new, not used, but factory refurbished is okay with warranty.  Won't use other sources, just Tidal.  Don't want multi-channel AVR, only need stereo.

The two options I'm most focused on are Bluesound Powernode 2 or 2i, and the Integra DTM-7 stereo receiver, each of which are single-box solutions.  Other options could be PS Audio Sprout 100 integrated for $600 (or NAD, Marantz, other integrated similar cost?) with a separate streamer, but I'm not aware of a separate streamer for $200 that has a 32-bit DAC and handles MQA.  Yamaha WXAD-10 seemed close but best I can tell (not real clear) I think it has 24 bit DAC and anyway it'd push total closer to $1000 with Sprout.

I am familiar with the Integra DTM-7, as I have the DTM-7 as the HT hub of my current bedroom system, and with its HDMI/Dolby Vision/HDR support it is killer in that role for $650 for a 2-ch setup.  But for Tidal music the sound through the NHT C1's was a little bright and after couple hours slightly fatiguing for me, although doable if that's what I go with for 3rd system (I'd get another DTM-7 for office if that is way I go).  I've since upgraded my 2nd system speakers to Spendor SA1 and they sound great powered by the Integra in system 2, better combination - no more brightness/fatigue.

But now with the NHT C1 speakers freed up for system 3, I'm wondering if I can do better than the Integra for a music-only application for my office.  Has anyone compared sound quality of Bluesound Powernode 2 (or 2i) with the Integra?  Does Bluesound have a warmer sound?  FWIW I know the Integra is class A/B, and I think Bluesound is class D.  Oddly, I think Powernode 2 and 2i share same amplifier and DAC (but 2i includes some new features that I probably wouldn't use - Airplay, etc.), yet What Hifi review claims sound much improved with 2i.  Powersound 2 is $600 now, while 2i is $800.

Or am I overlooking a better solution?  Thank you
As I wrestle with this choice I keep finding other lower-cost potential options that if I go with might free up some capital to upgrade system 2 sooner.

So now in addition to Powernode 2i, Yamaha WXA-50, I'm also considering the $200ish Paradigm PW Amp (mentioned by prpixel above) and the Klipsch Powergate.  (each of these last three blowing my original 32 bit and MQA requirements out of the water, but as others have commented maybe I don't really need those features today with state of content).

Although for the life of me from reading the description of the Klipsch Powergate I cannot tell if it has a streamer built in, or not.  The literature talks of streaming music via Play Fi to wireless speakers from the Powergate, but it is less than clear (to me anyway) regarding wither the Powergate itself has a streamer built in or whether I'd need to feed it streamed Tidal from another device.
Looked hard at very inexpensive Paradigm PW Amp and Klipsch PowerGate, both 24 bit class D streamer amps for about $200. Was more interested in the Klipsch and almost pulled trigger on it, but now I’ve eliminated each of them. 

Ive sort of swung up and down the rollercoaster between “this is sooo inexpensive (thereby freeing funds for 2nd system upgrades or upgraded 3rd Sys speakers) and it’ll sound good enough,” and “just spend more now and get something you can keep longer term.”

i went the latter route route in past year completely overhauling my main rig (and am thrilled with result), but ironically that also pushing me toward the former due to shortage of current funds. 

But on end, I decided after reading tons of reviews and user comments (audition not an option) that the Klipsch and Paradigm probably would leave me wanting. I’ve also eliminated the Integra DTM7 because I already have that unit as HT hub of Sys 2 and don’t love it with the NHT C1’s. 

So I am down to Yamaha WXA-50 ($500) and R-N803 ($750), and Bluesound Powernode 2 ($600) or 2i ($800). 

Leaning for now toward R-N803. Don’t need the small form factor of the others, like the beefed up power supply and analog output stage, like 2 sets of speaker outs cause I’m sure I’ll want 2 sets hooked up for a/b compares while I should be working, and musiccast now much better and more stable and natively supports tidal. Also has ess9006 which is pretty solid dac chip better I think than that in powernode. But Yamaha only 24 bit and doesn’t do mqa, those are the downsides.  

Whatever i I end up with, I’m pretty excited about a $1000 system I’ll have put together.   
This quest has been interesting. Unlike my main rig overhaul effort, where I (no kidding) probably spent close to 50 hrs auditioning in person at least 15-20 speaker sets and amps before settling on D7’s (that were auditioned 3-4 times kept coming back over that period), this time has been all virtual (stakes not nearly as high, though still has been dozens of hours reading and contrasting). 

Will be a good test to see if I can get satisfactory results here as I did there
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