Only two tracks to test your system, forever!

If you could only use two tracks/songs for the rest of your life whenever you wanted to test a change to your system, what would they be?


Lana Del Ray - Venice B**ch.  The width and depth of this marvellous production and the layering of the textures will really test the system.  Can the system present this complicated production as a homogenous whole? Does the sound completely fill the room as it will on a good system?

FKA Twigs - Home With You.  That orchestral ending is tough to get right.  

Two previous mentions I would like to concur with - Daft Punk - Giorgio by Moroder I agree is a real system test, especially to hold those rhythms in place. And School by Supertramp has so many system-pushing elements to it. 

If I had to pick just two to give me a rendition of how my system was performing or to audition other components, it would be:

For impact and rendition of percussions and clarity of chimes: track 3 "Posters" on Jack Johnson.s Brushfire Fairytales, CD

For richness, clarity and staging of strings: the last track "These Are The Days" on Van Morrison's Avalon Sunset, CD.


All good suggestions. I’m trying to think of only TWO songs that can provide all of the following:

1. Dynamics.
2. Soundstage and imaging.
3. Frequency response.
4. Bass textures.
5. The critical midrange - female and male vocalists and most instruments sounding natural.
6. Top end clarity and air without harshness.

This is fairly hard to do. I can think of numerous songs that test one or the other, but not all of these qualities. But it is a good exercise for those lucky enough to actually have a bricks and mortar store nearby so we can hear amps, speakers, streamers and such before making a purchasing decision. While many stores will entertain you playing a couple tracks they’d likely not let you listen for an hour - unless you kick them some $$ in upfront "good faith" money, which isn’t a bad idea anyway for their time and trouble.

Funny that no one mentioned Cheapaudioman Randy's test track of choice, Tool's "Chocolate Chip Trip" for soundstage and imaging.