Oooops Just got caught...

What do you tell your spouse when she walks into the darkened room and catches you smiling and gazing intently at the warm glow of your tube amp? Yeah, the music was on but she's not easily fooled. Well?
"Did you see that? When you walked in,the moving air fanned the fern fronds;note the changing reflection patterns on the ceiling and walls."

Make room on the couch, "How was your day?"

((I had a cat once with an emotional attachment to the refrigerator's compressor. Some time ago,Jolida's web site had a photo of a mother and child bonding. Let your wife know you've had your back in the womb moment and you'd rather be with her than with your mother.(smile).
Hey! Are some of you guys under the impression that I would try to sneak a major purchase into our home without discussion and consent?
Er...ah..all I was saying is that I know I had a sh** eating grin on my face and when she entered and asked me what I was doing in the dark I wish I had had something more snappy (read intelligent) to say other than "listnin". She is the one who helped me get the amp. She just doesn't get that warm feeling from basking in the amp's glow. Shoot, she probably knows what I was doing anyway. I guess I kind of had a funny feeling when I considered what I must have looked like to her sitting and smiling in the dark and basking in the glow of those KT88s and all those other other pretty colored lights and the faint reflection on the wall of the spinning vinyl bringing forth such sweet sounds.
Well anyway, how about them Eagles?
All you can say to set her mind at ease is that you were staring at the power tubes, and not at the Bugle Boys.
well...better to come in and see you staring at the tubes and smiling blissfully than looking discontented...cause that could mean another upgrade around the corner...;o)