Opamp choices for Burson Conductor 3 Performance

Hi all,

Looking for advice on opamp rolling for the C3P. I’m looking at SparkoS SS3601 or 3602.
My question is —where have others started with rolling? The I/V section AKA output buffer stage? Or the LP stage, which, if I understand correctly, affects volume? The output requires dual opamps and the volume, only single. So I can’t just buy a pair of the SparkoS and try both locations. 

Any real world advice based on your experience would be much appreciated. 
t thanks! Lincoln


You might find your answer here:
If not I would spend some time searching Burson or Sparko throughout head-fi..
As a sidebar I had the Conductor 3P & don't see how you can do better than the V6 Vivids provided...Good luck..

Thanks freediver! I did do some research and it’s still a bit inconclusive. I think I’ll buy the single SparkoS ss3601 opamps and try them in the volume control spot. Per several reviews I have read it is a significant step up in SQ over the V6 Vivids but I guess we shall see. I have extensive tube rolling experience, so this should be fun to see which combination sounds best for my preferences. I’ll report back once I give them a try. 
Best, Lincoln