Open Baffle vs Box

Hi All,
Eyeing a Pair of Spatial M3 Sapphire and wondered if anyone transitioned from Box Speakers to OBs and what they thought?
I’m giving up my much loved Vandy 2ce’s and was hoping for input out there. Great 60 day in-home trial but was curious to hear what people think before I pull the trigger?
This has been a great forum to learn from!!
@helomech could you add some more of your experience in how bass behavior is different with the Spatials? I’m on the fence but since I listen to a lot of bass heavy music I’m trying to create a mental picture of how OB bass differs.

Thanks :-)
You didn't ask me specifically, but to me, OB bass surrounds you rather than punches you. This is not a quality judgement, they can both be great. In my case, where my room is less than ideal, the Spatial OB sound works better than box; though it feels like less bass, it sounds like better bass.

thank you. I appreciate your input. It was
Described to me before that you ”get the punch but not the rumble”. do you agree with that description?
Above 100 Hz open baffle speakers can be great given the right drivers. It is much easier to build a plate that does not add colorations than a box.
All of my favorite speakers, the ones that I would own are boxless. Under 100 Hz is a different story. The problem is that building a SOTA subwoofer is an expensive and difficult task and the end result will be a device that is very heavy and expensive to ship. Most manufacturers cut corners resulting in flaws that for those of us who have experienced the best bass find intolerable. I believe those of us with DIY capability can actually do a better job than most manufacturers but in forms that could not be competitively priced. 
I own several dipole speakers one pair being the Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S.. I think “punch without the rumble” is a decent way to describe some of what good open baffles do. They remind me of my Maggie’s in some ways but with significantly more punch.