Open Baffle vs Box

Hi All,
Eyeing a Pair of Spatial M3 Sapphire and wondered if anyone transitioned from Box Speakers to OBs and what they thought?
I’m giving up my much loved Vandy 2ce’s and was hoping for input out there. Great 60 day in-home trial but was curious to hear what people think before I pull the trigger?
This has been a great forum to learn from!!
I own several dipole speakers one pair being the Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S.. I think “punch without the rumble” is a decent way to describe some of what good open baffles do. They remind me of my Maggie’s in some ways but with significantly more punch. 
Thanks.  that what my dilemma is with the Spatials. I live in an apartment so subs are not advisable but it seems to be the only way when dealing with music that has lots going on below say 50hz.
If your room is smalliish... you won’t need subs unless you are listening to a lot of EDM( which at times I do and I add stereo subs)... additionally the bass you do have is very fast .. no overhang, no bloated farts, no boom.. just clean fast right low end. Admittedly open baffles need a lot of surface area to get really low, but I love my Spatials even without subs... imaging is open full of air and well defined. You have to make sure you have the space to pull them away from the walls at least 2 feet.. I was disappointed I didn’t get to hear Claytons new sapphires model this year at Rocky Mountain audio fest.. they look nice... AND when your neighbors are gone they can literally shake the house off the foundation .. it’s one of the speakers I own I feel do every genre of music justice. Jazz, big and small classical, rock, edm, acoustic guitar, everything... fantastic imaging...
Thanks. I don’t do hardly any EDM but rather lots of punk, reggae, 80’s/90’s alternative, hip hop with a sprinkling of metal and some deep sub bass exploration.
@helomech could you add some more of your experience in how bass behavior is different with the Spatials? I’m on the fence but since I listen to a lot of bass heavy music I’m trying to create a mental picture of how OB bass differs.

The bass of the M4s is articulate. It's not the fastest I've experienced but neither is it slow. The Vandys have lower extension by at least half an octave but that's to be expected. I did experience a small amount of bass-boom with the M4s after the woofers began to loosen up. However, I attribute that to my unusual room that has thick concrete walls on 3 sides and a concrete floor. It's the most challenging room I've ever dealt with in terms of bass, so I wouldn't fault the speakers.

I probably could have resolved the issue with different placement but I wasn't willing to compromise on that at the time. 

Spatial grants a 60-day in-home trial, so there's really nothing to risk aside from return shipping cost, which in my case was quite reasonable being that I'm only three states away. Even though I didn't keep them, I still believe they're one of the best (if not THE best) speaker values out there. Most speakers that sound their equal in absolute terms cost at least twice the price.