Open Letter To REL, SVS, Hsu, etc., et al

Why don’t you include a cd that will actually enable your customers to properly set up their purchase from you? Telling me to choose something with ‘low bass content’ and put it on repeat is pathetic at best. There are very specific and very limited numbers of tones needed to dial in a sub. One of the above companies tells me to use track 4 from ‘Sneakers’, a 29 year old movie, as an aid in dialing in a sub. Maybe in 70 years the track will be in the public domain and they can just rip it for free to whatever medium is current in 2091.
Test tones, as far as I know, aren’t copyrighted, and would cost very little to put on a cd. 50 blank cd’s cost 15.00 retail. Include one with tones and instructions in the box. Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, etc., etc., would also qualify as a place to put your sub setup tones, along with detailed voice instructions. 
I know many people now use automated setups in their AVR’s, but I’d bet many reading this on Audiogon don’t- most two channel systems are behind the times in this regard.
Or am I missing something?
Hsu does include a CD with test tones for bass with their subs.

If you are looking for other CDs to help, Alpine Electronics (the old school car audio folks) produced some great CDs in the 90s with music and test tones.

Two to look for are: Disc Drive and Highway One.
Highway One has some of the cleanest and most dynamic musical test tracks I have ever heard along with many test tones. It is a fabulous demo CD if you can find one. It was made for the Australian market, so tough to find in the states. Subs are fun and rewarding once dialed in. Good luck!
I purchased a pair of REL S2 SHO subwoofers and I still don't know if I have them set up right.
With the rudimentary REL controls, one would have to be very lucky to integrate properly for 2ch music.

It's almost a certainty they might need placement in a non-WAF location
I’ve had subs since I can remember , and trust my ear to set one up properly. I had bi-amped Altecs (which were not technically “audiophile”), but dual sealed cabs were great.

Then came a decent ADS sub (aquired when I sold ADS home and mobile gear.
Today it’s a Rel T9i which is superb and came with excellent docs on setup.
From REL T9/i web page:
"Because the additional speed and impact of the new drivers requires greater control or the benefits can be lost before they get to the listener."

This kind of Nonsense by REL is pure malarkey for them with $$, no skill and compromised hearing.

Do the Math!!!

It’s bleeding near impossible to integrate a sub with only a crossover control.

As a composer once remarked "Every other subwoofer I’ve heard just boomed."

Don’t equate More with Better.

Although it's not a bad idea at all, it would result in more tech support calls about tweaking this or that. So it would cost REL money to do this and they wouldn't sell any more subs. Probably would result in more returns as well, when perfection could not be found or room issues discovered that couldn't be solved. Dealers would also not like it for these reasons.