Opinion: Modern country is the worst musical genre of all time

I seriously can’t think of anything worse. I grew up listening to country music in the late 80s and early 90s, and a lot of that was pretty bad. But this new stuff, yikes.

Who sees some pretty boy on a stage with a badly exaggerated generic southern accent and a 600 dollar denim jacket shoehorning the words “ice cold beer” into every third line of a song and says “Ooh I like this, this music is for me!”

I would literally rather listen to anything else.Seriously, there’s nothing I can think of, at least not in my lifetime or the hundred or so years of recorded music I own, that seems worse.


Don’t know if they are modern country , but there are some good country artists:

chris stapleton

sturgill simpson

jason ibell

Eric church

zach bryan


I issue with the said to be "Bad" music is fake Texas twang.

Same goes for a white guy faking an accent like a "Bro".  The Thumb & little finger out with the gold chain on the chest, baggy saggy pants.  Such may make good comedy, but not music, in my "Old white guy" opinion.  

As Ravi Shankar said, "Nada Bramha", I think that means, "Sound is God".  

No offense to anyone, just my 2 cents in this "Dumpster fire".

Maybe it is just the battery powered, portable, hand held AM radio he is listening to it on ...

Absolutely. In the liner notes for the soundtrack to "Oh Brother: Where Art Thou"? T Bone Burnett said new country is "watered down pop with greeting card lyrics" or very similar.