Opinion: Modern country is the worst musical genre of all time

I seriously can’t think of anything worse. I grew up listening to country music in the late 80s and early 90s, and a lot of that was pretty bad. But this new stuff, yikes.

Who sees some pretty boy on a stage with a badly exaggerated generic southern accent and a 600 dollar denim jacket shoehorning the words “ice cold beer” into every third line of a song and says “Ooh I like this, this music is for me!”

I would literally rather listen to anything else.Seriously, there’s nothing I can think of, at least not in my lifetime or the hundred or so years of recorded music I own, that seems worse.

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I’m a die hard Jazz listener, who was raised on Motown and Philly soul. But growing up I listened to Rock too. You couldn’t escape it, for that is what was played on the radio 24/7.


Jazz, for me, has never been the same since Bob Parlocha passed away David Basse took over with his own Jazz night time radio show here in the Midwest, thankfully, but it is not quite the same. Quick question, Bob regularly played a song that contained the lyrics "Dust under Tonya’s feet" any clue to who wrote and recorded?


As for the subject and aldo I am not the fan, the country is definetely not the worst music genre of all time...op is simply not aware of all the music genres out there...

Here is my contribution for the ’worst musical genre of all time’...note the 42 mil. clicks! and the song is not even on english language...(I could translate it to you, but there is no use, trust me) Prepare for the worst...here is the link...