Opinion sought on rogue manufacturer...Help

I had sent a pair of interconnect to a reputed manufacturer (not wanting to mention names at the moment) in US to have them serviced as there were some signal problems at the connectors - suspected a cold joint.
Weeks followed and the manufacturer had not done any repair work upon my inquiring of the status.
His explanation was that the factory was busy and was not able to deploy any technician to do such a small job (Yes, I am not kidding)!
When I pressed on and told him that the explanation was preposterous, he replied that I could have my cable back at my disposal (taken as my own cost).
Without much of a choice, I waited for another month and wrote to him about my cable (guys and here is where the last straw has broken the camel's back), only to be finally told that the factory was unable to do the job. His appeasement was to offer me a brand new cable for $500! What an audacity to even consider making another sale from me!
I am hapless as to what kind of recourse I would have in a situation like this.
Since I am an overseas buyer/hobbyists, I believe I am at a loosing end as any form of provocation would only render a silence response - I do want my cable back! arrggghhh
Is there a consumer association or internet watch group that I can at least bring this matter to their attention?
Please advice.
If I were you, I would call the individual back and state that unless you receive your cable back REPAIRED that you will post about your experience on all of the major audio websites...

I would also suggest that when you call the company back, you ask to speak to either the CEO or his (her) secretary. Be very calm and collected and simply relate everything that has happened along with names of people that you've spoken to... If the customer service dept. tries to not let you talk with the upper management, immediately ask to speak to a supervisor...

Hope this helps!

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This an unfortunate state of affairs. The idea that the timely resolution to a piece of equipment that might hinder an entire system/investment is disregarded, is unacceptable. I will not do business with any manufacturer, dealer and or distributor who is more concerned with the next sale rather than the current and/or past ones. I urge all to maintain this policy. We need to weed out these shabby business practices for our own protection as well as the reputation of the honorable firms we support.
If you can substantiate these circumstances perhaps you can post them with the associated names involved and let them respond to your and our satisfaction. This is an open forum after all. Collectivley we can help each other and the industry as a whole. Let us not forget to mention when we recieve satisfactory service. Perhaps a hall of Fame / Shame is in order with a page similar to the audiogon blue book. The graphs can show if there is appropritae improvement or the contrary , a firm that is existing on previous reputation.
You can also file a complant with the Better Busness in his hometown. They will send the forms by mail. If you cant get a fair result you need to let everyone know so we will not make the same mistake!