Opinions about Daniel Hertz

Have anyone heard Daniel Hertz’s Maria intergrated amps with Eva or Amber speakers? Stephen Huff gave them one of the best reviews ever but is it all marketing and hype? Mark Levinson claims to solve the problems of digital reproduction with his master class software which can turn any digital recording into original master tape quality.  

But ML had a questionable past such as rebranding Chinese products as his own and marking up the price. Others said he can’t design anything but hires good talent while he works on marketing. His series of business ventures and contentious business relationships would give one pause, but I only care about the sound. What do others think? Did he in fact made a revolutionary breakthrough in digital playback. Or is it all hype? Bottom line is how do his systems sound?


I agree with Arafiq. Anyone who makes Youtube income by putting down others, Mr. Huff, is a scoundrel.   

Great CDC!

One thing you have to question is why M. Levinson starts so many companies and sells them off after they become successful. And if the same thing will happen with the new one.


Great to know the forum posters here are the real experts, not guys like Steve G and Steve H who review equipment every day and have tried more stuff in a year than most of us in a lifetime.