Opinions about Daniel Hertz

Have anyone heard Daniel Hertz’s Maria intergrated amps with Eva or Amber speakers? Stephen Huff gave them one of the best reviews ever but is it all marketing and hype? Mark Levinson claims to solve the problems of digital reproduction with his master class software which can turn any digital recording into original master tape quality.  

But ML had a questionable past such as rebranding Chinese products as his own and marking up the price. Others said he can’t design anything but hires good talent while he works on marketing. His series of business ventures and contentious business relationships would give one pause, but I only care about the sound. What do others think? Did he in fact made a revolutionary breakthrough in digital playback. Or is it all hype? Bottom line is how do his systems sound?


Great to know the forum posters here are the real experts, not guys like Steve G and Steve H who review equipment every day and have tried more stuff in a year than most of us in a lifetime.  

Jay had some funny comments in his video regarding Mark and the new amp:  "hiding in Italy" and "pump and dump" 

Adrian posted another youtube review with the Maria being preferred over the other amps that he sells, and Adrian points out that this conclusion goes against his financial interests, since Daniel Hertz also sells the Maria direct, and Adrian would make more money selling the other lines that he carries. 


Also, in the new Adrian review - some odd stuff about the Hegel, with the manufacturer reaching out to say that maybe the unit he reviewed was a dud, and they want to send him another one.  That does not instill confidence.

You mean like Elon Musk selling 85% of Tesla lol


At the same time I do agree that almost every audio manufacturer whose brain-name as one person, is quite a salesman as well. Getting back to the OP has anyone heard or own the Maria and can chime in?  With all the name slogging aside, is ML’s Maria sounding like the best of the best or salesmanship?

The thread is labelled, opinion on Daniel Hertz, so of course I would expect to hear lots of different views but.....

Personally, I’m more interested in how the equipment sounds from people who’ve actually heard it.

The rest of the stuff is very speculative.  It might affect your decision to purchase because of distrust of the founder or the brand, and that’s perfectly fair. People vote with how they spend their dollars.

Not easy to audition, but would like to cut through the marketing hype.

Hand cut, hand polished Perspex by artisans to me, still means acrylic/plastic.

What I’m curious about is demystifying the Mighty Cat Class D audio chip and theory behind the C-wave that supposedly eliminates digit-itus.

Are these just patents, fancy labels for a Ganfet based DSP and some type of filter? Do they really offer competitive differentiation?

Would like to see someone compare the AGD Audio MKIII to the Maria 350 and see how they stack up to each other.