Opinions: Marantz DV-12S1 vs Pioneer Elite 45a

Well, I've pretty much narrowed down my search to these two.

I know it may seem like an odd comparison, but from what I've read the performance of the Pioneer DV-47a and 45a are pretty similar in both the audio and video arena, such that I can't justify the price differential(unless I had an Elite 47i Receiver with that cool new digital interlink =P)

Anyway, I've got a predominantly Marantz system now, and the prices on used DV-12S1's are coming way down, sometimes under $1k if you are lucky. Although the Marantz suffers from a lack of SACD playback in comparison with the Pioneer, the ultra-high build quality, etc of the Marantz and the bargains to be had... make up the difference to me in many ways, especially since I don't even own any SACDs or DVD-As right now. And I'm primarily looking for a really good DVD progressive video deck anyway, so that's a primary concern.

So... that being said. Any opinions between the two, especially in regard to video quality and audio CD playback? For example, does the Marantz have the chroma-bug, or any other gotchas I'm unaware of? Is it worth the extra $400 or so for the Marantz over the 45a?

Thanks in advance!

Oh... and any thoughts on how the Marantz will compare with newer mid/high-end players like the new Philips 963 are appreciated.

I don't mind buying into ~2 year old "reference" gear like the DV-12S1 as long as the new stuff like the Philips 963 doesn't perform well beyond the ~$400 premium in price the Marantz represents.

So any thoughts or experience on how well the DV-12S1 compares with some of the upcoming combo/universal players, especially in video performance is appreciated.

I'm hoping that since this was Marantz's "reference" line, and it's a DVD player primarily, it's video performance should even be on par with the newest players... is that a safe assumption?

I am using the DV-12S1 player for both DVD and CD playback. I can only say it is outstanding both for video and sound. I am using a Purist component video cable directly into my 30" Aquos LCD tv and the clarity and color saturation are jaw-dropping. The sound quality is fantastic - clean, controlled.

For CD output it plays every format except for SACD. For the money you can't beat this.
the dv47a has twice the sample rate and uses 12 bit words , as compared to the 45a .
The DV45A and the DV47A use the same AUDIO D/As...192KHz/24 bit...three of them. The 47A VIDEO D/A is 108MHz/12 bit...whereas the 45A is 54MHz/10 bit. If your main interest is audio, the 45A is obviously the sensible choice. The 47A would theoretically perform better in the Video area, but you might need a High Definition monitor to see the difference.

Also, for audio, you need SACD capability which the Marantz reportedly lacks. Audio quality wise, I don't think there is much to choose between DVD-A and SACD, but you need both if you want to find a decent selection of discs to buy.