Opinions of GoldenEar Triton 1

I'm moving to a larger house and want some new speakers.  In spite of the cheesy name the GoldenEar Triton 1 looks like an interesting candidate. It's been a long time since I listened to a ribbon tweeter but I remember liking them.  Will some of you who have experience with these speakers please comment on what you did and did not like about them?  Also, what other choices in that price range stand out as being a "bargain"?  
Thanks for your comments.
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I really like the whole line.I just wished they had wider dispersion. They have  A very narrow Sweet spot...
Actually Jimimac they have a much bigger sound stage if you set them up correctly, 

If you set them up correctly, which tends to mean far apart with a very sharp turn in the face of the speakers.  they sound quite big, if you send us pictures of your room we can advise you.

Prof, the earlier Triton did sound dark and  where a bit boring. 

Having an 11.2 Golden Ear HT system in my home. I was intrigued by the GE Tritons for my stereo listening .  It wasn't until I met Sandy G at AXPONA this year that I was able to hear the Triton 1R's using the Prima Luna system to drive them.  In that hotel setting , they sounded wonderful without any sound bats or room treatments.   ( I am used to my B&W 802s ).
When I got back to St Louis , months passed and my fav dealer let me come to his home to listen to his Triton Reference ( using all top line Bel Canto equipment to drive them ) which were not set up the best IMO , but I was quite impressed with what I heard from the first note. 

I noticed he had a new set of Triton 1R's sitting in his home office and he allowed me to take them home later that week.  I demo'd them in my home for a week and never gave them back !!!  ( Yes I paid for them ). They DO sound better than the Trition Reference and at a lower price. The dealer was happy I wanted them, but not HIS as the 1R's are on back order for those that may want them and now he's waiting !   ( But I'm a good long time customer so he'll get over it . ) 

For me and my discerning ears, these are exceptional floorstanding speakers and I cannot believe how pleased I am with their sound playing all genres of music and all variations of input,  TT, CD, and Streamer and at varying listening levels.  They just disappear when the music begins and my smile appears.  

I highly recommend these to those of you who don't have deep pockets and want to listen to great musical reproduction that is clear and precise easily meeting or exceeding speakers costing thousands more. 

Happy Listening !