Opinions on Audioengine speakers?

I had bought Audioengine A2 speakers and I thought they were pretty amazing. I sent them back because I could not control the volume remotely... and I didn't have a receiver.

So, would there be any conflict with connecting a powered speaker to a receiver? The powered ones are ironically cheaper than the passive ones.

Has anyone owned the Audioengine? Is there a comparable speaker for a better price?

Opinions on the Denon 1911 are welcome as well.

Would a amp set up suit me better? I could only hook up one device at a time, correct? I would need to hook up to the TV and hook up the amp. Could I control the volume remotely with this type of set up?

I consider myself the type of person who can figure things out but this home theater stuff is like a foreign language to me. It has been six months in my new apt. and I haven't got a setup because I just don't know what the best option is. Also, I am more of a music person than a movie person if that will help in any way.

Thanks for any advice. It is appreciated.


If you want an active (powered) speaker, but you want volume control, you wouldn't need a receiver, you could just use a preamp, instead. 

Vantoo Transparent Zero (good) or Vantoo Transparent One Encore (better) are great choices if you need a compact system that has volume control. They are active speaker systems. They include multiple inputs (USB, Toslink Optical, Coax, analog and Bluetooth wireless) and a remote.

I do not own these speakers, but I've read the reviews and there are some trustworthy owners here on this forum. Hopefully they will reply, or you can do a search on "Vantoo".

This is what I would buy if I were in the position you described.

As my great-niece testified to 4 years ago, Audio Engine active speakers combined with an Orbit turntable with built-in preamp totally slayed her Crosley system! What more do you need to know! WOW!

I’ve had the P4’s in my kitchen system for a few years now. My kitchen is also a large family room. No desire to change to anything else, as the WAF is high with these. They sit on a mantle and as a result all listening occurs off-axis. The idea is simply to bring tunes into the family setting. I would say their tonal balance strives to be detailed at low listening levels. For my application they are perfect. 

I had an older (non wireless) pair of  Audio Engine A2s in my garage gym - they produced great sound totally at odds with their size. Was using a Topping DX3 Dac/pre for remote control and blutooth connection to my phone. Unfortunately my daughter swiped the A2s for her bedroom music setup.☹