Opinions on Cary CAD120s MK2

A search delivered very little on audiogon and the established review sites haven't turned up much. There was a documented bad ?stereophile? review of the original CAD120s which now, for some reason, cannot be found on the internet.

I was wondering anyone here has had personal experience with this amp and stayed with it or moved on?
Anthony Cordesman did a review of that amp in The Absolute Sound…he really liked the thing.

I just traded in my Cad 120s with upgraded caps and hexfreds and used it with a Cary SLP98P pre amp. It drove all speakers very well including Wilson Witt series II and my current Legacy Whispers HD speakers (without the built in amps) I only traded it to go to mono blocks. Maybe Larry Diaz of Highend Palace can make you a good deal on it. It was a very good amp even before the upgrades.