Opinions on deHavilland Mercury 2

I've been looking for a tube preamp and this one is on my short list. Is there anyone out there who listened to it and can describe the sound ? TIA.
Slingshot. I have the UltraVerve and it is great with my Carissa. Keep us posted on the Mercury and the PX-25.

I was the one who tried it, and have stated again and again, i think it might have been a mismatch with my Berning ZH270 amp. Based on how well the thing was put together, and how good Kara and company are, I am not in the least bit suprised (and am generally very glad to hear) that it works very well in others' systems!
Hi Artg,
Sorry for the delay, I having been around this site for awhile. I auditioned the Mercury 2 for a couple of weeks and sent it back due to a mismatch with my power amp.

The Mercury left a big impression on me. The soundstage is huge and the midrange incredibly extended. Their lower frequencies are not as good as the highs or midrange though.

After that i tried the Eastern Electric MM for 30 days and kept it. The EE is a very nice unit that really sings at that price range.