Opinions on Epiphany 20/21's?

Would appreciate anyone who has heard these to wiegh in. I'm going to audition some in a few days but am curious what others may think. Room is large and will be driven by tube gear. Thanks!
I have heard the 12/12's only,yet I felt that they possessed all the qualities that describe "true" high end sound.I've discussed the 20/21's with my little club of fellow hobbyists,and we all feel that given the line source array,and seemingly fine build quality of Epiphany speakers,there is no reason that they should be anything other than stellar!To me,this is a product line that should get alot of attention,especially in contrast to some competitors' pricing.Should be a winner,in every way.BTW-I was not nuts about adding a sub.They seemed superbly coherent without one,and dug deep enough for me.Fabulous dynamics(the 12/12,here),and the business of a narrow stage presentation is absurd!They were stunningly "real" sounding,AND I moved about the room.

Best of luck!