opinions on mcintosh 275 V

I have the opportunity to pick up a McIntosh 275. The price is reasonable based on what i have seen listed on the agon amps section. This will be my first Tube amp. I have been looking for a tube amp to set up a dedicated stereo with my Vintage Klipschorns. I recognize i will also need to get a preamp for this. I am interested what folks think about the unit and what Preamps are recommended to match with this. My primary feed will be a maplenoll apollo fitted with a UniVerse cartridge.
I had it pair with Eastern Electric Minimax preamp and they sound great! I used Black Treasures KT88 and Telefunken 12ax7 on v1 position.
The 275 is an ideal match for the Klipschorns. I'd suggest a newer Mc tube preamp to complete the sound. C2300 is superb and has both MM & MC inputs. C220 is more budget-friendly and C2500 adds DAC capability. You wouldn't go wrong with any of them. Good luck & happy listening!
The McIntosh 275 tube amp is a wonderful addition to any system. Just be aware that there are several versions, i.e. IV, V, VI and Anniversary Edition. That may account for the reasonable price relative to what you have seen on Audiogon.
McIntosh and Klipsch pair up exceptionally well. You won't regret your choice. Any quality pre will do but I would stick with tubes.
I have a 275 IV that was my first venture into tubes 7 years ago and I have no intention of replacing it. As said before, think also about tube rolling: small signal tubes first, then large KT88.

As far as preamps, I looked into the McIntosh models but decided for a Lamm LL2. While the ergonomics of the Mc are FAR better (remote, and all the bells and whistles), the sound of the Lamm was way superior to my ears and I concluded ergonomics were not as important to me. Have had that pre for 3 years and I love it. Also rolled tubes.

Other preamps I recall on my short list at the time: First Sound Presence, Atmasphere.

Do you need a built-in phono section?