Opinions on MIT wire for B & W 800D

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions with regard to using MIT wire with B & W 800Ds
I am using either Classe CA m400 amps or Pass Lab 350.5 amps with an anthem D2 processor. Budget would be in the under $10,000 range for five channel set up.
I would suggest you go for something in the new MA series, but I would suggest stretching at the very least a little bit and going Shotgun MA biwires for the front three speakers and interconnects.

Frankly, given the speakers, you really shouldn't be settling for anything less than Magnum MA biwires for the front 3 speakers and interconnects.

There's a price list on the new MIT website:


I've been told only select dealers are permitted to stock MA series, so you may have to call several dealers.

As to the combination, I find it to be fantastic, MIT and B&W really mate well together.