Opinions on Mogami Cable?

I wanted to get some opinion on Mogami Cable. I am considering building Biwire cable with Mogami 3104, RCA interconnects with 2524 and some Video cable with their 75 Ohm cables. I come from the world of pro sound and Mogami has been around for a long time but I don't see to many posts about it. It seems that when I check out most major cable manufacturers you get a lot of marketing blah blah blah without a ton of wire specs. On the Mogami site there are specs without any marketing hype. So am I on the right track here. Will Mogami ring true for me? Same thing sort of applies to Canare wire. Opinions please?
Check out Take Five Audio, they sell all 3, cryogenic treated. I've used the 2542 for ICs and speaker cable. I've used the 3104 biwire cable for power cords (star quad w/ reverse spirol ground). Cheap prices and good sound. With cryoed Neutrik RCAs($5.pr), and 2542, you've got pretty good cables for under $20.pr! TFA also sells Canare connectors, i'm not sure about their cable. I've also had good luck with Neotech 22g, single crystal copper w/ teflon, cryoed of course.
Try building some, you'll get hooked!
I used a Mogami XLR as an interconnect between preamp and amp for a short period. While it worked, it sounded more than a little thin and metallic to me. As soon as I replaced it with a Harmonic Technology Truthlink Silver, it was obvious that it was MUCH better than the Mogami. As always, your mileage may vary, but for my money, I think it's smarter to purchase used cables elsewhere. I like Zu for about the same price as the Mogami, or for a little more Harmonic, Tara Labs or Acoustic Zen.

Good luck.
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