Opinions on NAD please

Is anyone excited about the new NAD M66?   Ive been considering it but dont know much about the brand. 


In general i like the nad sound period. I have the home theater amplifier - the nad t778 - it has had issues with shutting down randomly and going into protection mode - i have had it worked on about 3 times - shipping it to a service center to get fixed - etc. 

i keep wanting to freak out - but i keep giving it the benefit of the doubt, because the sound quality is so very good - its amazing the things we are willing to do - in the name of good sound quality


NAD makes really good entry level gear (to high end audio). Not a bunch of extra functions you don’t need, but solidly built, and constructed for good sound quality. I gave a friend of mine one I had over 35 years and it sounded much better than what he had.


My only comment is that putting all those functions in one box introduces many compromises. Today a good quality system will be made of separate Streamer, DAC, Preamp, and amp. However many folks are now using integrated amps, which are a preamp integrated with an amp, so only three components. If you think you may be interested in pursuing a good system I would consider at least separate Streamer, DAC and integrated amp. NAD and Rotel have a number of good ones. The more you spend the better they will sound. This will greatly facilitate upgrading as well… you can do one piece at a time.

Here are some highlights! It's much more than just the pre-amp section of the current M33. Are you planning to match it up with the M23 Power amp?

  • WAY more than just an M33's pre-amp section
  • Ultra-precise resistor-ladder control circuit
  • Flagship ESS Sabre ES9038PRO DAC and
    ES9822PRO ADC
  • Dynamic Digital Headroom (DDH) circuit eliminates digital inter-sample peak clipping distortion
  • Full Dirac Live + Bass Control + License included for 4x Sub Outputs
  • Four balanced (XLR) and four unbalanced (RCA)
    subwoofer outputs - for a 2.4 system!
  • Low output impedance + very high output voltage wired front headphone amp ¼" (6.3mm)

I’ve had an M33, which was outstanding, and currently have a NAD C700 which is in my bedroom system, and is also outstanding.  Had the M33 for about a year then downsized and sold it for near what I paid for it. Zero problems with either, great very neutral sound, you will hear all of what’s on the recording, but not harsh or edgy as some Class D amps have been in the past.

Thanks guys

Kevtekav, if i end up buying it i would use it with my Anthem mca325 gen 2 3 channel amp which powers my Paradigm 120h 's.