Opinions on Parasound A21 & A21+

I have been informed that the sonics of both the older and new Parasound A21s are very similar.  I have never heard a Parasound product, let alone this model.  Forgetting for this moment system synergy, how good do you rate is this amplifier?  In basic sound character, is it a smooth operator with a non grainy, non fatiguing signature, that with proper systems matching will throw a 3d soundstage? Is it the entry-way to a high end, high power amplifier?  Please feel free to provide any down sides to this amplifier.  Last, what other amplifiers new or used in this $2,500-$3,100 price range would you consider?  I will mention that I generally hold onto my amplifiers for a long while so I prefer to buy new.

I have scoured and read many prior posts on this subject, but would just like some current opinions.  Thanks in advance.
The one thing about the A21 is that the top end is a little rolled  off sounding.  For laid back speakers or cables, etc, this can squeltch the top end, depending on one’e tastes of course.

i had the amp for about 4 years with the P7.  I wanted a more open sounding top end, some others might be fine with it.

no idea if the A21+ has the same house sound or not.
Years ago used to own an A21 and then JC-1; just bought a used A23 for my girlfriend's system. It's just like I remember the A21 - smooth, powerful & dynamic sound with just a touch of warmth. Very, very sweet! It's got the good points of solid-state amplification with really none of the bad - certainly nothing that draws attention to itself. And I'd long since gone to tube amps in my main system. Love that little A23, but of course now I wish we'd gone for the bigger A21. Great amps.
I just visited the Parasound website and didn't realize their A52 amplifier is a 5 channel home theater amplifier.  I settled for an ARCAM AVR550 instead.  I wonder how much I gave up in terms of sound quality.  I wanted to find something I could listen to in both 2 channel and 5.1 channel surround.  I love the way the Parasound Halo integrated amplifiers sounds for the money.

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