Opinions on Parasound A21 & A21+

I have been informed that the sonics of both the older and new Parasound A21s are very similar.  I have never heard a Parasound product, let alone this model.  Forgetting for this moment system synergy, how good do you rate is this amplifier?  In basic sound character, is it a smooth operator with a non grainy, non fatiguing signature, that with proper systems matching will throw a 3d soundstage? Is it the entry-way to a high end, high power amplifier?  Please feel free to provide any down sides to this amplifier.  Last, what other amplifiers new or used in this $2,500-$3,100 price range would you consider?  I will mention that I generally hold onto my amplifiers for a long while so I prefer to buy new.

I have scoured and read many prior posts on this subject, but would just like some current opinions.  Thanks in advance.
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I use an A21. Happy with sound. And, delighted with recent improvements to sound resulting from replacement of stock fuses with HiFi Tuning Supreme units. Speed and resolution has improved, and sound has more presence. Remarkable improvement for a modest investment. See description of change and account of experimenting with Furutech TF Audiophile fuses in my recent post to following thread:
My system: Bluesound Vault 2 --> Parasound Halo JC2BP --> A21 --> Vandersteen Quatro Wood CT. 
Curious to hear your impression of comparison between A21 and JC1.
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I Recently purchased the Halo A21 and A52+. Both sound wonderful. They replaced a Parasound NC 2250 and 5250 in my system. The Parasound product is very hard to beat for the money. 

If if you look at the innards of both the A21 and the A21+ they appear to have very similar topology. The majors gains in the A21+ come from a much more robust Power Supply and refinement of the A21 design. 

I wrote an end-user review of my impressions on the equipment  if interested...


BTW... the high end is extended and pristine with my speakers. I would guess that some speaker/amp/cable combinations may adversely affect the amps ability to deliver full range sound but would think you would have to work very hard, or be extremely unlucky to come across that negatively impactful combination :-)