Opinions on Parasound A21 & A21+

I have been informed that the sonics of both the older and new Parasound A21s are very similar.  I have never heard a Parasound product, let alone this model.  Forgetting for this moment system synergy, how good do you rate is this amplifier?  In basic sound character, is it a smooth operator with a non grainy, non fatiguing signature, that with proper systems matching will throw a 3d soundstage? Is it the entry-way to a high end, high power amplifier?  Please feel free to provide any down sides to this amplifier.  Last, what other amplifiers new or used in this $2,500-$3,100 price range would you consider?  I will mention that I generally hold onto my amplifiers for a long while so I prefer to buy new.

I have scoured and read many prior posts on this subject, but would just like some current opinions.  Thanks in advance.
I find this discussion very interesting.  I have an old Parasound H2200 which is getting a little long in the tooth and may be in need of a refresh (It sounds good to me but I reently had a hum - not through the speakers that was resolved by tightening all the screws I could reach and the right channel positive output is fussy about how the speaker lead is inserted - banana ).  It seems it is the predecessor to the A21.  I am thinking to upgrade.  I have a tube pre-amp and a pair of Magnepan 1.7i's

From a look the A21 seems to have similar specs but a cleaner layout (not so many caps strewn about the place)  From the specs, the + adds about 25% more power,20% more uF (whatever that does for you) 50% reduction in THD at full power and small increase in signal to noise ratio.

I also have an opportunity to purchase 2 A21's (not plus) for 1380 each.  I could use them as mono's or use them to bi-amp my Maggies.

I don't know I could use them as monos.  My HCA2200 is not rated to drive a 4ohm load in bridged mode, if I remember correctly.

What say you?
I had Parasound A21 (not A21+) for few weeks attached to my system. I listened to it with Benchmark DAC3 + ATC SCM19 speakers. It came across as neutral, clean and detailed. But it sounded a bit flatter and as a result less involving/engaging. I like the sound staging and tonality of my other amp (Benchmark AHB2) much much better than A21. If you are still looking for the amp (and do not need more than 100watts), you should definitely give AHB2 a try. Its about the same price point as A21. Good luck.
Search for "Club Halo Parasound" on Google and the first link will be a Parasound forum. Tons of the folks there are using the Halo amplifiers to power their Maggies. You would get tons of information on the EXACT combination of your loudspeaker and Parasound A21 combo.
Good luck.
Fwiw I've been running an A21+ for about 2 months now.  The right channel is almost completely dead now.  After 2 weeks it would take a long time for the right channel to start playing after system power up.  Now it just randomly cuts in and out.  I'm attempting to return it to my dealer, I want nothing to do with this.  So irritating given the price.
Here is an update on my amps;  I replaced the M700's with the BHK 250.
A nice upgrade, more detailed and smoother.  But between the BHK preamp and BHK amp I could not deal with the noise or hiss from my efficient B&W N802's.  I swapped in my Classe CA-2300 and a big improvement.  But when I swapped in my AudioNet Preamp (Pre 1 G3) I was astonished at the improvement in detail and quietness.  Oh yes the Parasounds...I currently own and have owned an A51, and A23 amps.  Never had an issue, last for years, solid sound and great value.  But not on par with the Classe or other newer amps listed here.  But you can't go wrong with any of the Halo amps IMHO.