Opinions on Primaluna Dialogue 5

I need to know if anyone here has listened to the Primaluna Dialogue 5. Can you describe the sound ? How does it compare to the Dialogue 2 or any other mid level tube amp. Thanks in advance.
Good to know - my dealer carries PrimaLuna, but as of a few weeks ago didn't have one of those in yet.
I used to own the Dialogue 2 and sold it after almost a year. The amp is good but I had money problems at the time. I have been building again around an Eastern Electric Minimax and want to pair it with a good tube amp, hence my question.

I am currently running an EE Minimax into the amp section of my PL Dialogue 2. This is a superb combo, much better than using the entire D2 integrated. Speakers are Soloilquy 6.2

I usually own much more expensive separates, but the times have forced me to downsize. This combo is extremely satisfying and seems to be a really synergistic pairing. Better than many pricier separate combos I have heard. Based on what I hear I think you would be very happy pairing the Minimax with any amp in the Dialogue series since they only differ in power output and power tube used. They should all have the same sonic flavor. I bet even the Prologue series would be excellent if you wanna go cheaper. Don't see any up FS here at the moment, but they are usually plentiful and cheap. Just keep watching.

PS: I just had Tom Tutay lower my Minimax gain to about 9 db (stock is 20). Less distortion, lower noise floor, lowered output impedance (for better amp matching), and getting up higher on the volume pot is always a good thing. Well worth doing, I highly recommend this mod! And Tom is a pleasure to deal with.