Opinions on PS Audio Direct Stream DAC (Mk 1)

PS Audio is clearing out factory refurbished Direct Stream DACs, the original version from 2014 or 2015, for about $1800. I'm wondering if I could get opinions on this DAC. It's old technology as far as digital goes, but it got nice reviews when it was new. It can do DSD64 and DSD128. It upsamples everything internally to DSD.

I'm interested in musicality and musical involvement, especially dynamics (macro and micro), accuracy of instrumental timbre and extracting the beauty out of the recording, low noise floor and high resolution.


You won’t regret it! It’s factory “refreshed”. Mine looks brand new even has plastic protective film on top lid. +1 @krelldog on all points. 

I have had the Direct Stream Mk 1 for about 4 years - I am always tempted to get something "better", but when I A/B with something in the 5K price range, it still shines. There are two DAC’s that I have heard better - the DAC in the Rowland Daemon (but can’t get it stand alone, nor could I ever afford it), and the Linn DAC - also in the $35K range. The best reason to purchase from PS Audio is they pick up the phone, you have support - something most companies / dealers are seriously lacking. I like the screen on the Mk1 - they took that off in the Mk2. The bridge works great too - but I am mostly using USB because the software is not very intuitive "mcontrol" - plus mcontrol does not support radio paradise in FLAC to my knowledge. For $1800 it is a STEAL.

Can’t be beat for the price.  I have the DSJr. and I haven’t heard anything equally priced that is better.  Enjoy!

@krelldog - what Yggy did you have?  Certainly seems this is a bargain for a quality DAC at this price point.