Opinions on Pure Audio Project Quintet 15 Horn 1 Please

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for owners or people who've heard the Pure Audio Project Quintet 15 Horn 1. I'm considering purchasing a pair. I'm based in the UK.

My listening tastes are a bit eclectic, but I guess rock and electronica are what I predominately listen to. Room is medium size, 14' x 26 ish

I have a few concerns:
1. They will need a sub or subs.

2. I can't find any measurements, but I think I read on these forums that the horn falls off substantially at 10/11khz & that some people are using super tweeters to compensate.

Can anyone assist please?

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I am a fan of open baffle speakers in general and quite liked the Spatials I heard at CAF in 2019. I also heard Pure Audio Project, not sure which model, in the VPI room that year and didn't care for them. All that said you should at least audition them shows are not the greatest place to evaluate speakers and we all hear differently.

Lots of variables, and no, I've not heard Spatials long term.

My issue with a number of different models of Alon OB was incoherence between OB mids and tweeters and acoustic suspension woofers. I would have had to biamp with tubes on top, ss on woofers to get balance I desired. Don't know if open baffle woofers along with mids and tweeters have this issue?

I've owned the Spatial M3 TS and while they were light on bass, they really turned me on to dual concentric designs which led me to Tannoy.

I did cross shop the M3 with the Pure Audio Project trio, and the major issue I saw with the PAP was that I'd never be able to sell them if they didn't work out. The DIY build approach means you can't easily package them back up and ship them to a willing buyer, and the Quintet being an even larger speaker is going to have fewer potential buyers due to low WAF (despite their very good looks IMO). If they work for you, great!  But, what if they don't?

Open baffle speakers have their upsides, but bass is not one of them if you have a room with large volume. The room needs to be small enough to pressurize, but deep enough you can place the speakers far enough from the front wall (1-2 meters).

I prefer the non boxy sound of open baffle over box speakers anyday. Midrange sounds amazing with OB speakers, they just need proper setup and good equiptment to support them. Unfortunately I see a lot of people don't do this. Good Luck with your quest.

That was my take on the Spatial Audio X3. The midrange wasn’t fleshed out and “real “ to my ears.


That speaker can be quite revealing. What amplifier were you using?

If you have the room to set up open baffle speakers the soundstage can be impressive. The speakers have to be at least 5 feet from the wall behind them so the ear/brain system can interpret the late arrival information (reflection from the wall) as echo location information instead of harshness.