Opinions on Sonoran cables

Hi, has anyone heard or owned Sonoran Speaker cables or interconnects.
I had their original interconnects and speaker cables (Cactus and Desert, I believe), and still use their interconnect for my tuner. I like it, it's quite neutral, maybe leaning a little to the rich and sweet rather than bright and ruthlessly revealing. I replaced some old Siltech 4-56 interconnects with it, preferring the Sonoran over the brighter, admittedly early generation of the Siltech, and replaced Dunlavy speaker cable with it, I felt they were close but that the Sonoran slightly bettered it in transparency and dimensionality. The interconnects have a ground wire, actually a handy thing perhaps in some applications. I don't know if this cable is still made; it originally was made by a gentleman in Tucson, Arizona, who may have moved to North Carolina. The only weak cable of theirs I owned was their digital cable, which I found ordinary, not outstanding as the rest of the cables. I think there were some later versions of the cable which were less expensive. Overall, I think they're a very good value, particularly at their used prices.
I have recently purchased two pairs of Catus Oasis (now called Signature) interconnects from Ric Schultz and Robert (from Star Sound, the makers of the Audio Points and Sistrium equipment racks). The cables are made by Brent Riehl in Nebraska. The I/Cs are very good, but have a warmer sonic signature that my current I/Cs (TG Audio HSR) which are silver. The TG Audio's have a more defined and spirited characteristic, while the Signatures were more full sounding with a solid bass feel to the sound. It depends on what you system is best matched to. In the end, I have returned the interconnects, because I was looking for both a clear precise detailed I/C with the bass response as well.Their literature states that you would get a cheerful refund, if not satisfied with the I/Cs...we will see. I returned the I/Cs via FedEx three days ago, and still waiting for my card to be credited for the return. I will let you know what kind of customer service you can expect, if you decide to purchase new.
If i remember correctly, Martin Dewulf raved about the Sonoran speaker cables and Interconnects. Martin Dewulf reviewed the DH labs speaker cables and in the review, he compared them to the Sonoran speaker cables and another speaker cable. I forget the name. I remember in the review, Martin loved the Sonoran cables the best. He thought they were one of the best speakers cables.
Doug, you're right, it was a long time back, but he thought they were among the best available at the time. Quite frankly, I don't think there have been that many quantum leaps in cable technology since then either, despite what the manufacturers would like you to believe.