Opinions on speaker upgrade choices

System as follows: Dr. Feickert Volare>Modwright Ph9.0xon analog side... Antipodes S30>Rockna Wavelight. Backend 9s Primaluna Evo400>Pass labs Xa30.8>Ascend Acoustics towers/Raal tweeters. Room is 12.5x21.5 with another 8x8 at back right of room. Have treatments at first reflection and rear wall. Budget in 10k range. Listen to all kinds of music from new age to Porcupine Tree! My first two choices are the Legacy Signature SE and the Vandersteen Treo CTs. I've also looked at Kanta 2. The Monitor Gold 300 is also a possibility? With system and room dimensions and musical choices how would you rank these choices? I would always choose musicality and would slightly lean to the warm side. Matching to the Xa30.8 could limit some possibilities.

Thanks for your time in advance!✌️



You will have a shift in listening experience if you move from Ascend's with RAAL tweaters to a more traditional cone and dome type speaker like Vandersteen.  The soundstage and listening experience is just going to be different.  Not bad, just different.  

If you like a ribbon tweeter and want a warmer presentation, I would look at Scansonic.  Something like the MB5-B or MB6-B would work in your room.  I have a customer who is driving this with a PrimaLuna integrated using EL34s in a big room so it would be fine with your Pass.  

Another option that could be really interesting is the Audiovector R3.  I know this is a bit above your budget but it is a great speaker.  Andrew Quint had a great review of it in TAS a while back.  

I carry Scansonic.  I have no affiliation with Audiovector.  I just think it is a good speaker.  

I’ve ordered a pair of Scansonic MB6-B speakers and am now looking for good speaker cables that are a good match. Anyone have any thoughts about this?

@jimfinn2112 Do you like the Ascend with the Raal? Are you aware of the new version? It's called the ELX, at around $5,300. It seems to be quite a substantial overall upgrade.