Opinions on the Quantum Symphony Pro???

I just heard about these things. Has anyone messed with them?? What do you think??
They work. I had the pro and that was the only type of power conditioning I thought was beneficial until I purchased the Accuphase unit. It was (in my system) far more beneficial than the RGPC unit. Try the pro version and listen for your music to become more "round" or 3 dimensional. I don't buy the companies explanation as to what is going on, but I can't deny that it does impart a positive impact on the sonics. Best regards, Mike
I too am an "out on the fringe" sick Audiodude, and will tray just about ANYTHING to reach the Sonic Gold. I tried (& own) the regular "Symphony", after auditioning it at home for a month (via Music Direct www.amusicdirect.com). It DOES *seem (*key word here) to help overall "coherence" and 3D of sound. After inserting and removing (easily done, just plug - unplug) from my system, you can hear the results of better sound. The improvement is about on par with making an intersonnect upgrade. Also I can see an improvement in my projection TV picture - which is on the same AC line. Go figure. For $250. and a 30 day return policy, I don't see how you can go wrong.