Opinions on the ; Rosso Fiorentino Sienna or Volterra II Speakers

Hello Audioners and I hope all is well - please let me know if you have listened to the two speakers I have noted or if you have purchased either on of them. I just read the review on the Elba 2's In the Absolute Sound and they ''sound'' like they are speakers from a company that I may have some interest in. Thank you in advance and stay well.  
Thank you RIAA and much appreciated and hope you enjoy them for a long time. However, I was looking for of an answer on their overall sonic characteristics. Thank you  
Hello garebear and riaa,

I know I've spoken to you both recently about RF but I will follow up with some information here.  All reviews we have on the products in the US are available at the link below.  There isn't much out there yet on the Volterra or Siena, but I do have some coverage of the Fiesole 2 which is in the same bloodline as the Volterra.


Here is another link covering the Volterra 1 that for some reason I omitted.  The reviewer has since moved up to the second generation and he is a member here who might be able to contribute to what the 2 offers over the 1.  For me, I found better dynamics, lower self-noise floor, easier integration into systems, a little mellower top end with, strangely, improved detail, and texture upon texture from top to bottom.  The line as a whole does not spotlight, but allows details to happen naturally in the frequency they were intended to be heard at.  In other words, these elements are subtle as intended instead of highlighted by the upper midrange.


Unlike the DEMO setting used on TV's at Best Buy, the Rosso Fiorentino line might not immediately impress through eye-catching settings and then irritate you later on.  They are born and bred to be natural and organic while layering music upon itself.  The correct harmonic structure has the ability to grip musicians immediately, but often times I have to 'introduce' the layering of the music so listeners can begin listening spatially as opposed to just tonally. So many listeners simply haven't heard this level of layering in a system and is one of the key elements that makes RF punch above their price points.

Either speaker could easily be a destination speaker - the one pair of Volterra I've had replaced by a client were replaced by a $60k speaker - but I find the Siena 2 to be the most effortless speaker Francesco has made to date.  It was a 98% complete redesign implementing everything he has learned over the last decade and the result is a mesmerizing experience.

I like to think of Rosso as the Greg Maddux of the audio industry.  They don't have the blazing fastball of Roger Clemens or the imposing figure of a Randy Johnson, but they offer an extremely well executed speaker that can excel in a variety of ways and with a plethora of music with no real weaknesses apparent.  They also have the staying power in a system where clients who buy them really don't move away from the brand, but build around them.

I won't go into the same level of detail as @audiothesis, but I will gladly share my experience with the Rosso line and what has consistently drawn me in across the various models. I own the Certaldo (1), but hope to be able to upgrade to the Volterra II someday.  

First and foremost, for me they strike a perfect balance of being exciting while also being comfortable. Some speakers are very smooth and laid back, but seem to feel boring when you put on something more aggressive. Black Sabbath tends to be a good example. At the same time, they offer a sense of ease when the music calls for it. Acoustic single mic recordings feel engaging and spacious, without sounding like a single wall of sound. I can equally enjoy an Analog Productions pressings of Louis Armstrong followed by a mid quality stream of early Metallica. All the beauty of the classic Armstrong recording will be presented in a precise and refined manner, but I can still somehow enjoy an early Metallica album with all of it's grit and energy without being taken out of the moment being forced to focus on the poor recording quality. To offer some comparisons, nothing quite does Black Sabbath like a good set of JBLs. But the Rosso's come quite close. And some laid back speakers can create a great sense of depth to the sound of a great recording, but they make poor recordings sound flat, sharp, and sometimes unlistenable. 

So that's high level. But if I had to pick one element that has always really stood out to me with Rosso it's the vocal intimacy. That's probably the one thing that constantly draws me in. That's the element that makes me stop what I'm doing and give the track my full attention. 

When considering the whole line, your budget should be a big consideration, but so should the size of your room. If you have enough space for the Sienna, they are worth it. Excellent base quality, big sound, but still outstanding imaging and layering. If you're in a smaller room, I think the Volterra might be a better fit. My room is 13x15, and as much as I'd love to consider the Sienna, in reality it just might not be a good fit. If you're looking between series 1 and 2, I can say that from what I've heard the changes are well worth focusing on series 2. The top end in the series 2 are exceptional, especially in the reference and flagship series. It really brings another level of clarity and laying, without becoming overly sharp or critical. 

I've heard quite a few speakers in my life. I can see why some people might have other preferences. But I'd pick the Rosso's vs competitors I've heard on almost every price point they offer in the line. Pair it with the right amp, and they are downright stunning for my taste. 
My road actually started when I thought it had ended.  I was at a local audio show, Lone Star Audio Fest one year when a friend came to the show and set up his own system.  He had just purchased the Usher Mini Dancer 2 speakers, I don't know if it was the alcohol or what but he put on a BB King cd that just brought tears to my eyes and I said somehow I had to have those speakers.  At the time the retail was $5k at the point of being out of my reach but one day the distributor called and offered $3k, he was getting out of the business and needless to say I jumped on his offer for my endgame speakers.

Fast forward a few years, I was looking for a pair of speakers for my secondary system at same Lone Star Audio and had several days to listen to the Fiesole 1.  Guess what went home with me at the end of the show .......... Fiesoles.  When I got them home they were so close to my "endgame" speakers that I called Skip within a day or two and asked how much to move up to the Volterra 1 and traded in my Ushers.
                                       - to be continued -