Opinions on the ; Rosso Fiorentino Sienna or Volterra II Speakers

Hello Audioners and I hope all is well - please let me know if you have listened to the two speakers I have noted or if you have purchased either on of them. I just read the review on the Elba 2's In the Absolute Sound and they ''sound'' like they are speakers from a company that I may have some interest in. Thank you in advance and stay well.  
The problem buying a speaker from a not very well known niche manufacturer is that you'll never be able to resell them cuz nobody knows about them.
Good morning  Urbie - thank you for your response as I am the OP on this thread and THAT is exactly my concern with these speakers. However on the other side of the coin, every successful audio manufacturer was new at one point in time if you think about it. They all had to start somewhere. The recent positive review of the Elba 2 in The Absolute Sound and word of mouth could....could make this company and speaker company a household name and you can possibly get their speakers at a competitive bargain price  now before their prices to go up. If they are that good, you / me might just keep them for awhile and get some of our money back if we ever do need to sell them. Just a thought and this what I am thinking about them now...….stay well.      

There is truth to your words, but Rosso Fiorentino is not a brand that is going to stay that way for much longer.  I have worked with the brand for six years now and been acting distributor for about four.  We are establishing ourselves and the TAS review was a pinnacle for the Elba 2.  Other models will be getting reviews shortly and the brand will continue to grow.  At this point in time, the dealer network is expanding and interest is growing across the country.  There are things happening behind the scenes to prepare for the growth because the writing is on the wall.

Speakers are the toughest product to establish due to it being 'easy' to build and the market is flooded.  The RF line is not a 'me too' brand and anyone who has spent more than a passing moment with the brand can attest to that.  They are destination speakers that those who want a taste of the high end can strive for without having a six figure bank account.

In my time working with the brand, two pair of Rosso have hit the used market.  One was the Volterra mentioned above that was replaced by $60k speakers.  The other was a pair of Elba 1 where the client had extreme medical bills and had to sell.  He called me to apologize (new one for me) and assured me once back on his feet, he would be ordering a pair of the Elba 2.  I do get trade-ins, but that is only to move up the line to a higher tier model or to the second generation. My point here is that owners don't really sell the speakers because it is that difficult to find products to better them without spending a substantial amount of money.

I have heard the Sienna (I think rev.2?)
They were every bit as good as the reviews I’m reading here, in regards to spacial information, uncolored and and detailed voicing of female and male voices, instruments etc.
I only heard the stand mounts without any sub whatsoever, the bass they produced was fast and punchy for a stand mount, in fact the midbass was as good as any standmount I’ve heard so far.

The decoupling of the midbass driver from the baffle was no doubt a large contributing factor in the manner in which the bass resolved, it is truly excellent.

The integration between the drivers are virtually, audibly seemless - they do not have revealing cabinet resonances that give them away, at least on all media I heard on them, they got out of the way of the presentation and "vanished" so to speak.

I would have to listen to them side by side, but similar impression to the Sonus faber ELECTA Amator III that I heard, unfortunately in different rooms at different times, with different gear (obviously). Seriously, if the rest of their product range voices anything like the Sienna, they are worthy of an audition.

…..well it would seem at this point that no Audiogon members currently own either the Sienna or Volterra II Speakers. Interesting and note taken by the original OP regarding these speakers. Thank you all for responding.