Opinions on the Zaph Audio ZRT Revelator Towers ?

Has anyone heard these ? If so, how did they strike you ?
The comments about limited dynamics are interesting to me. I have used the revelator drivers in my car audio systems, as well as the Scan tweeters, and they would play louder than most any speakers of that size that I have ever heard.
I just finished the 2-way design with premium x-over parts and home-made boxes. These are replacing Maggie 3.6Rs. The only thing I miss is the huge soundstage. I'm happier overall with the ZRTs- no desire to return to planars.
I'll make a follow-up after almost a year of living with the speakers. No change of opinion. I installed the crossovers inside the boxes with no apparent loss of clarity. In fact, the sound is a bit better, I assume because the xovers are now tied to the drivers without binding posts involved. I tied the inputs to one pair of posts since they're single-wired. I still find them very useful and enjoyable systems. If you prefer the top-end on the relaxed side, you might want to get some alternative resisters and try knocking back the tweeters a smidgen. Just a bit, depending on taste/system. But no faint-praise here - these are fine loudspeakers with the supplied enclosures. If you can improve on the kit cabinets, go for it!
I built the ZRT's finishing them about a year ago.  I bought the drivers and crossover from Madisound.  For the cabinets, I bought the Denovo Audio Knock-Down 1.16 cu. ft. tower cabinets from Parts Express because I don't have table saw.  The Denovo cabinets are bit smaller than the Zaph spec, (1.33 cu.ft), so I adjusted the length of the vent using Bass Box Pro.

The result is great.  I replace Magneplanar MG 1.6QR's with no regret.  The ZRT as slightly more detailed with slightly better articulated bass, (IMO).

I can't say I agree with the negative comment about bass dynamics.  I find these very good.  I drive the speakers with a Pass Labs X150.5 and they sound terrific.

I doubt you could find better commercially made speakers for 2-3 time the cost of DIY.