Opinions on Viola Audio Labs

I am looking for some thoughts and opinions on this brand. I already know that there is a website (www.violalabs.com) and that the designers are Tom Colangelo and Paul Jayson (ex Mark Levinson and Cello), but I didn't find reviews or comments over the internet about the products. Does someone know more ?
Follow up: I received my first units from Viola Labs and became their Italian distributor. The Cadenza preamp/Symphony amp combo is shockingly good: no traces of their SS nature, just a smooth, liquid sound yet transparent, tight and dynamic. Distortion is at lowest level possible, both the preamp and the amp are extremely accurate but musical at the same time. Tom Colangelo and Paul Jayson did strike again !
do you have a pair of Viola Bravo 2 for sale now?
I’m very interrested.
Thank you