Opinions on why this system is uninvolving

I have just upgraded my system in a number of ways from Snell Type A/IIs to Revel Studios; from Audible Illusions Modulus 2 to Hovland HP-1; and from the earliest EADs to Metronome Technology DAC and transport. I find the system uninvolving much of the time. I also find it lacking in dimensionality, find it sometimes hard sounding and I notice image wander. Here's the whole system:

Revel Studios
Hovland HP-1
MFA 200C mono amps
Metronome DAC and Transport
Shunyata Hydra on amps
Power Wedge I on other components
Various high end cords incl. Top Gun, Shunyata Mamba and EMI whales
Tara Prime (or perhaps 1800) speaker cables (bi-wiring)
Audioquest Ruby interconnects between amps and pre amp (about 30-foot run)
Hovland interconnct between DAC and preamp
Siecor optical AT&T between DAC and transport

Any thoughts on how to arrest these problems would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking about trying solid state amps like the Pass 250 or 350, the McCormack DNA line, Proceed or Rowland, but I'm not really sure that will make a sginficiant difference. I know it could change the sound signficantly, but not necessrily for the better (which I realize is completely subjective anyway).
How did your system sound BEFORE you upgraded?

If it was also uninvolving it could be the room, but if not then something else has changed for the worse!
The RUBY has to go.Also get rid of all the cables.And go with Hoveland all around. Synergy is where its at. Get the Power wedge out also. Simple is best.
Since you changed your speakers, have you experimented on speaker position? Also, how are your room acoustics? Cables are probably your weak points. Before making drastic changes, (like changing amps) trying the above tweaks will probably get you a bigger difference in sound than changing your amp. If you do look at new amps, you should look at Plinius, Pass, Edge, and Classe, some of the best amps around.
I would highly recommend shortening the IC run between your preamp and amp. AND getting some different ICs. I agree with Natalie, the Ruby has to go.

Ditch the Power Wedge.

I do not know much about your amps... but you might want to get different amplification. I do not know much about your pre, it could be a weak link as well...

I would start with the cables. Then start with the amp and preamp combo.

Also Had a pair of Snell AIIIi's a number of years ago and have found almost every speaker (20+) since quite uninvolving. I feel your pain, the Snells were thrilling to look at, and to listen to. Absolutely amazing transient and dynamic cababilities, killer bass lock in room with natural timbre and color. That's progress in audio, unfortunately. Have heard the Revels, and that may be a large part of your issue-found them sterile and cold, but technically quite good (Salons which I had hooked to a Rowland 8ti). Maybe the cables could help here. (Warm em up with Cardas Golden Cross or Golden Reference?)Don't know your preamp, but did have the Metronome and found it rather flat dynamically tho it had a large soundstage. Sold it after 4 weeks. Please take this for what it's worth,your system is very good but these have been my experiences.