OPINIONS PLEASE - Phonostage for new Rega P8/Apheta 2 - Sutherland 20/20 or Allnic 1201

OPINIONS PLEASE - Phonostage for new Rega P8/Apheta 2 - Down to Sutherland 20/20 or Allnic 1201 phonostages. Can anyone tell me anything about either? Would consider other in this price new/used but these seem pretty good.

I have got down to these two mainly for price (under $2k) and where my simple research has led. 

I am big into Digital and want to play around with some decent vinyl.

Nothing crazy but good enough that my Bricasti MISE w/Built in Ethernet Media Player doesn't blow it away so I am trying to put together a decent enough vinyl front end that will sound good enough that I want to use it. 



I recently ordered new speakers that should be in a few weeks. Time for me to set up my vinyl front end to prepare for them. I am trading my Magico S5 for S5 MK II. 


Room is 12 x 23 w/Cathedral Ceilings - 15 Foot a peak - Set on long wall


Music: Assorted Music no metal or loud hard rock anymore really - not much Large Scale classical either but everything else.

Likes: Transparency- Delicate-linear-Dynamic-Fast - high resolution-microscope but not sterile not etched or lifeless - I know there is a fine Line here but I'm looking to walk it and come out on the right side - but real see through into the music with some sheen and dabs of warmth - transparent to the source because I love my DAC - image and sound stage lover - tight bass - hate flab - like speed and transparency as my selection choices might speak to


From Audiogon Virtual System page:

Associated Equipment:

> Digital:
- DAC: Bricasti Design M1 Special Edition DAC 
- Digital Transport: Bricasti M12 Built-In Ethernet Network Player

> Analogue:
- Turntable: Rega Planer 8
- Tonearm: Rega RB880 Tonearm
- Cartridge: Rega Alpheta 2 MC

> Preamplification:
- Linestage: Simaudio Moon Evolution P-8 Reference Preamplifer 
- Phonostage:TBD

> Amplification:
- Power Amplifier: Pass Labs X250.8 Stereo Amplifier

> Loudspeakers:
- Transducers: Magico S5 MKII Reference Loudspeakers MCast Pewter, (Trading S5 MK I)

> Power Supplies:
- Linear Power Supplies: Uptone Audio JS-2 (2-Rail) Linear Power Supply, The Linear Solution LPS-912 Network Switch Proprietary Linear Power Supply, Breeze Audio 12v Linear Power Supplies (2-units),
- Switching Mode Power Supplies: iFi Audio iPower 9V DC
- Turntable Power Supply: Rega Neo PSU 

> AC Power:
- Conditioning: PS Audio Noise Harvesters (6) 
- Outlets: Furutech GTX (R), Oyaide R1 Beryllium (2),
- Surge / Spike Protection: Blue Circle Audio The Yalu Balula
- Power Strip: PS Audio Juice Bar MK II

> Audio Network Server / Hardware / Software:  
- Servers: Small Green Computer SonicTransporter,
- Storage: WD My Cloud 12v 2TB NAS, 
- PC: Qotom 190S Dual-Port - Baytrail J1900 12v Micro-PC
- Network Switch: The Linear Solution OCXO Audiophile Switch,
- Audio Software: Sonic Orbiter,  ROON 1.4

> Cables:
- Interconnect Cables: Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion XLR 2.0M, Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion XLR 1.5M, Darwin Ascension RCA 0.5M, 
- Speaker Cables: Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion 2.5M Spades,
- AC Cables : Kubala-Sosna Emotion AC 2.0M (2) Kubala-Sosna Elation AC 1.5M, Zu Event MK I AC 1.5M (3)  
- DC Cables: Gent Audio Custom DC Cables (Canare/Oyaide) (6), Upton Audio DC Cable 1M 
- USB: Audiocadabra Ultimus3 Double-Head Silver USB Cable, Curious Regen link, Uptone Audio USPCB A/B USB 
- Digital: Black Cat Silverstar 75 BNC/RCA 1.0M, MIT Terminator-3 RCA 1.0M, DH Labs Silver Sonic D-75 RCA 1.0M (2), Tara Labs Prism 100dx-1 Tosilink 1M.
- HDMI: AudioQuest Chocolate 1.0M, AudioQuest Forest 3.0M,
- Ethernet: AudioQuest Vodka RJ/E 1.0M, Cardas Clear RJ/E 0.5M, The Linear Solution Custom RJ/E 1.5M.

> Sundries / Accessories:
- Audio Racks: Solid Tech Hybrid 3+3 Shelves Audio Rack w/White Shelves and Silver Pillars, Solid Tech Rack of Silence Amplifier Stand
- Isolation Devices: SRA Ohio Class Isolation Platform, Symposium Acoustics Svelte Plus Isolation Platform, Isoacoustic Iso-pucks (8), Red Dragon Audio Ceramic Cable Elevators (4), EdenSound Brass Vibration Weights (8), Bright Star IsoNode Footers,
- Re-clock/Tester: DROK USB Multi-meter/Tester, Wyred 4 Sound Remedy Femto.

- Fsmithjack

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Yes that is true (about added cost with an SUT and interconnects). Another potential issue is the risk of hum due to the additional component and interconnects needed.  One plus with VTPH2A is it employs Star grounding.
Thanks guys - I reached out the Keith the proprietor of Herron.

Very nice person.  He doesn't even have any in stock. He sells them as quick as he makes them.

He told me he is getting in a used VTPH-1MC he could work something out with me in the next couple weeks but wants to get it in and check it out and stuff like that. I thanked him and was going to email him a week or two. 

Then later in the day another unique opportunity presented itself which has ended my search.

A Sutherland Duo in my price range from an Authorized dealer with full warranty.It's a demo and I have heard the Duo at Fidelis in NH on a Palmer table and it was amazing. 

What do you guys think? It usually cost a lot more but he is giving me a really good price on it.

Stereophile named it joint analogue product of the year for 2017. I know that only means so much but the cool thing is I actually have heard this one. Not in my system of course but I am pretty excited out it.

Bad new? I need 2 more power cables :( 

He is offering me a really good deal in a pair of Audience AU24SE Power Cables which I would not have looked for as my entire system is Kubala-Sosna Emotion but I can not come close to a Kubala price wise and I have heard these are pretty competent power cables so might take him up on that offer. Its a good one.

More bad news? I need a pair of RCA IC's. Mine are all Kubala Emotion XLR Cables.

No idea what to get other than trying to find another Emotion RCA cable but there are none out there used and these are a ton new?

He offered me a great deal on Audioquest Fire RCA 1M. Man these are expensive. It what he used and says it sounds amazing and is a quit and perfect match?

Any thoughts? Thanks guys

At least I have found my phono. I hope it sounds great. No just need to tether via some proper cables... ouch. 

If it were me, I would confirm that the Duo does not use op amps.  But, ultimately, if you are happy, then that is all that counts.  Enjoy!
@fsmithjack   Fantastic deal on really fine AQ interconnects NEW with 72 volt DBS system.  

MusicDirect has the AQ Colorado 1meter RCAs for $360/meter pair.  That's ½ their original selling price! Colorado uses PSC+ copper with FEP (Teflon) air tube dielectric.  I have my entire system wired with them.  They aren't going anywhere.


Thanks - yes it has a couple op amps but I am more worried about the best sound per buck. I would prefer discrete but fear this level of performance with all discrete will cost much more.

It is my first "Real Concerted" foray into vinyl so learning as I go.

I know my Bricasti / Simaudio / Pass / Kubala / Magico combo sounds amazing so I was hoping to get a Table/Cart/Phono/IC/AC cable set up to be compelling enough to get up and load another record vs  just flipping the input on the remote and grabbing the Iphone/Roon to my way to another to another track instead.


How are those AQ Colorado? Are they real good? Thats a great price if the performance is strong enough that would be amazing.