Opinions Please?

I am very faithful to Dynaudio Speakers. Currently have a pair of Craffts which I love. Eventually will go to the new Confidence C4's. My question is this: What configurations of Power Amp and Pre Amp have you all used? To expand even further, because of house and size constraints, I am obligated to combine 2 channel and HT. Currently I have a EAD Power Master 1000 and a Classe SSP25THX. It's not that I am unhappy with the setup, but like so many I am a kook and always looking to improve. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Steve Bachman
Phoenix, AZ

Any thoughts about mixing and matching power amps from different companies? Say a Plinius SA250Mk4 for L/R and a Proceed HP3? (think that's the model #) for Center and Rears? Thanks.
Stick with the same amps and speakers if possible. Different models of amps vary as much as speakers of the same make. If you can't match everything exactly then at least the same manufacture might have a similar signature sound.
Sbachman -

Recently, I had a chance to audition the Plinius. Really
nice amp. I can't claim to know the effects of matching
the Plinius with Proceed. But, if you are primarily concerned with your two channel sound, maybe you
should start with the two channel amp and then try to
find a three channel amp that will match up. Levinson
also makes two and three channel amps. Even if you
buy a two and three channel Proceed amp, I believe you'll get better two channel sound that way than buying a 5 channel amp. I believe Bryston also makes two
and three channel amps. So, if you are concerned
with matching -- staying with the same manufacturer
or "family" [Levinson and Proceed] might simplify the process. Or, how about a Plinius SA-250 for your
front left and right, a SA-102 for the surrounds and
another SA-102, bridged, for the Center? That'd be
a nice Plinius system.
I believe they will continue to sell Proceed for awhile,
but I would expect that you will continue to see Proceed
gear sold here on Audiogon. And, Levinson says they
will continue to offer successful Proceed products like
the AVP2 and the HPA2 and 3 under the Levinson brand. In any case, you can go to WWW.Madrigal.Com
and read the press release to get the news directly.