OPINIONS: solid state amps under $2000

I am an orthodox tube guy for life, no doubt, so I don't really know that much about SS gear. For various reasons I am now interested in a solid state amp (or integrated) for a second system. Any opinions for under 2 grand (used on a-gon)?
Blue Circle CS. You can get it new well under your budget. Don't let the low price make you think it's not worthy.
Perhaps, telling us about your "second system" might allow us to offer you appropriate advice.
Linar 250i
Linar Class A design

I use both of the above.
Not much advertising, does not play the magazine advertise/review/headgame. Victor Sima (owner and designer) was the founder of Simaudio -great guy to talk to, accessable, and will answer all questions if you call him.

Smooth, extended, lightning fast, nice sound stage and natural balance. I believe if these amps were advertised, and were saturated to the public, they would easily double their new price.
Yes Unsound, that's a good idea. The second system is for my workaspace. Unlike my main system where I spin 95% vinyl, this will be a digital only affair. I will be using a Meridian 507 CDP and a pair of Reference 3A De capo's. Preamp will of course depend on whether I get an integrated or not, if not I might need a tube in there. The idea was to leave it on all the time, so my preamp tube might have to take a back seat. I want to solve the amp issue first, and entertain the integrated issue a bit.

Thanks for all your help and advice guys.