Opinions wanted: 10-30K Speakers for Jazz/Folk

See title, which speakers would you suggest auditioning and how would you describe their sound? Price can be new or used.

Looking for specific recommendations and how you’d describe their sounds ie crisp, warm, whatever. Again I enjoy mostly jazz and folk with nice vocals. If you care to share amps you think pair well or ones to avoid feel free! Please spare me responses on why it’s different for everyone or how my question is somehow flawed, just looking for some of your opinions/recommendations, thank you.
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And - the greater your budget the more likely that you will benefit by attending an audio show such as AXPONA in Chicago to listen to various systems to see what you prefer.  Its at these shows that you will learn not only what sound you prefer, but also what electronics best mate with various speakers, because the mfrs always make sure they have the best system synergies to optimize the sound of their products.
I've had two types of planars and think you lose something with a solo voice coming off such a large membrane.  I now have dynamic floorstanders with ribbon tweeters and think the wavefronts produce a greater sense of a person standing in the room.
A little over two years ago, I went on a cross country mission to find new speakers in your price range.  Prior to this search, I had Wilson Audio Duette 2's and Sonus Faber Amati Traditin Homage speakers.  It is so hard to listen to speakers in various showrooms or shows around the country because they won't sound the same in your house.  

I tried Wilson DAW, Vandersteen, Stenheim, Eggleston, Evolution Acoustic, Focal, Magico, Texton, Salk, PureAudioProject, DejaVu, Klipsch, JBL, Meridien, Vivid, Spatial Audio  Raven, Legacy Aeris, Paradigm Personna 7/9, Kef Blades, just to name a few.

Then I came across this small boutique speaker maker in Sante Fe, NM named Viking Acoustic.  I called and talked to the owner, David Counsell and I visited his studio.  The build quality, unique shapes and sound blew me away.  I ended up buying Viking Acoustic Grande Voix's.  You won't be able to Demo them because they do not have any dealers.  That is why also you get so much speaker for your money.  

You asked to describe the sound.  Start with like being in the third row of a Symphony concert.  The separation of instruments, the guitar frets, piano pings, horns, drums are so clear and concise.  The sound stage is large and fills my room which is 25"W by 35'L.  It does not matter where I sit.  Absolutely no coloration and no fatigue.  I was worried about the bass but the bass is substantial.

Unlike most speaker makers you get what they deliver.  If you want a particular sound Viking can do that for you.  These speakers work great with genres of music these are the best bass speakers I have heard.  They have a multitude of speakers that he can build in any price range.  

In your price range you should take your time and hear as many speakers as possible.  Amps to me are then matched to your speaker selection.  The funny thing is I bought the Grande Voix's and I did not hear them first.  I did listen to two other Viking speakers but my wife loved the look of the Grande Voix's and that is half of the battle.

Good Luck.  If you are ever in Arizona you are welcome to a great concert!!!
You should listen to the monitor audio platinum 300 Gen 2 or 500 Gen 2. The 300s were chosen as a reference for one of the reviewers at Stereophile.