Oppo 103 DSD to Chord Qutest

Is anyone outputting DSD from an Oppo 103 to a Chord Qutest?

Is seems I need to go HDMI (I2S) to USB. Is there a simple solution?




HDMI is not i2s.

i2s is not HDMI.

The only player I know of that outputs DSD from SACD is the PS Audio Perfectwave, via i2s.


See @fuzztone explanation regarding HDMI to I2S- the connector may be common but the circuits and pin outs of the two are not.

I’m only familiar with the 105-D but if the 103 processes SACD the same way you can use HDMI out to a multichannel receiver or you can use the analog outputs to the equivalent inputs on another receiver. I have no experience with trying to port such a signal out from HDMI through a USB converter for use with your Qutest and doubt that it would work.

Your player will read the DSD layer from the disk being played but will output the data as DOP to the downstream via the digital outputs. There are configurations of Raspberry Pi that will allow you to pull the DSD layer but I’m not familiar with the details. You could always purchase a Geerfab breakout box which accepts HDMI inputs, will process the DSD layer from your disk and output that via SPDIF to your dac. You can read about it by following the attached link.


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