Oppo 105D digital volume question

Want to try running the Ayre Codex DAC, balanced, directly into the PS Audio S300 amp. The Ayre has no remote, so I would like to use the Oppo digital volume control. It doesn't seem to change the volume when hooked to the Ayre. Am I missing some menu setting to make this possible?





Try contacting Oppo tech support, in case they are still there


Also, search for Oppo 105 forums

Access the oppos setup menu via a screen. See what the startup volume is as well as the max volume. I'm running mine into a Schitt Gungnir, but then also into an integrated. Neither your Ayre nor your ps audio have any pots so the oppo has to serve as a pre-amp of sorts. 


Try this site: 


I don’t think you can use the Oppo as a transport to control the volume of the Ayre DAC

My understanding is that the Oppo volume control is only active when using the “analog” outputs. The digital (coax/Toslink) would not work to control this.

I thought the Ayre has the ability to act as a preamp- if this is true you should be able to attenuate volume from the Ayre directly to control the S300.

I would still go into the Oppo’s internal setup menu and select speaker size, any DSD/PCM priority and set the volume output to 100% anyway. Go coax into Ayre from the Oppo.

@designsfx but if you use the Codex as a DAC (rather than a headphone amp) doesnt it negates the volume feature?

Oh, And I retract my earlier statement that the ayre didn’t have a potentiometer