OPpo 205.... Awesome !!

Into my top odds line Sony 4k. Fabulous 👌   I'm sure others have my experience. Please confirm  👍🏻   


It has a repeat function, but that would play the whole cd over and over.

This is sporadic….goes for days with no issue and then I notice I’ve listened to the same song for the 3rd time…

@rettrussell might be a software / firmware issue.

A similar phantom lived inside my Sonica DAC until I ceased using it as a transport.

Have been using the Oppo BD-103 with my LG OLED with amazing results! Not one hiccup in either since purchased new.


Is your player hooker up to a Sony TV?  IF so, it causes a lot of unusual behavior, mine is occasional drop outs.  Called Oppo and they pointed toward the TV.  It causes problems due to it's switching input process.

I disconnect when not playing DVD/BR.  Otherwise I would sell the TV!