Oppo 83se vs Oppo 8e se nuforce

Apologies if this is a dumb question . . . but is there a difference in an 83se model and a 83se nuforce? I have seen both model numbers listed in classified, but can find no information to separate the two. Is it one in the same machine?
I had an Oppo BDP-83SE and a Nu-Force Oppo BDP 83 player and sent the NuForce back as on identical discs through an ARC Ref 5 pre I could hear no difference at all.
I was told by someone who owns both the 83 SE Nuforce and the new Bdp 95 that the new Bdp 95 stock off the box is by FAR the way better than the modified 83 SE and yet you can still modified the Bdp 95. I suggest spend the extra money and get the Bdp 95. Most people that has the 95 didn't need to mod it as it's excellent already right off the box.