Oppo BDP 103 and 105

Any thought on the Oppo BDP 103 and 105? I currently own the Oppo bdp95 and I'm wondering if I should sell it and get the new bdp105 since I'm not going to hook up my computer to it. I was going to have my Oppo 95 modified but this new bdp105 is giving me second thought.

@ Miketuason,

I'm contemplating acquiring a BDP-95...using a BDP-93, currently. I value having analog video flexibility ;-)

Do you have any objection/issues with fan noise?


No fan noise at all on my 95 unless you put you ear to almost touching the unit but even then it's very quiet.
As info I can hear the fan in my 95 from about 2' away and only if the music is not playing. I sit more than 10' away so it has never been an issue. As I would expect, the fan only comes on when I am spinning discs and usually after about 15 minutes. When using the USB thumb drive in the front I cannot recall the fan engaging no matter how long it was on.

Miketuason and Rgd,

I appreciate your observations :-)

Miketuason -- if feasible, please let me know if your BDP-95 is placed on the market...thanks!