Oppo BDP-105 versus Cambridge Azur 752BD

Hi, Has anyone compared the Oppo 105 to the Cambridge 752BD in terms of sound quality from the RCA analogue outs for 2 channel stereo going into their preamp?
Also, any other issues between units to consider? Tough the sound issue is the most important to me, I like the headphone jack option and service reputation on the Oppo, but like the form factor on the Cambridge and am uncertain how it is serviced in the USA.
Finally has anyone used the Amazon Fire TV stick or Fire TV with either unit successfully to bring in Amazon Prime - Thanks
I think the Wolfson dacs are better in the Cambridge which gives it a more musical and balanced sound quality compared to the high treble/ midrange sound of the oppo. The oppo 105 to me sounded thin and bright with lack of bass hence me selling mine within the 30 days. I think that oppo using the ESS saber32 9018 chip really hurt the overall sound no matter how you hook it up. JMO.
My research (paper only) indicated that the ESS Saber chips were better, but I did not have a chance to do side by side listening comparisons.

If anyone else has heard the two units I’d love to hear your opinion and a mini review would be wonderful


thanks for the link.  Even though it was part of a 752 review it appeared to be straight forward honest commentary and comparison of the two