Oppo BDP-95 to Bricasti M1

What's the best way to connect the Oppo (as a transport) to the Bricasti DAC?
Hgeifman said:

You need to confirm that if you use the Oppo-95 digital outputs (HDMI, toslink, or digital coax) that you are "bypassing the internal DAC" of the Oppo player (I do not know!!)

Any output labeled "digital out" or otherwise known to be a digital interface has to by-pass the Oppo's internal DAC. If the digital signal passed through the DAC it would be converted to an analog signal that could not be transmitted through a digital output.

What I'd like to know is if HDMI allows a similar by-pass of the video processor in a cable box so that the digital video signal can be converted by the processor in the OPPO or other higher quality DVD player.
I think coaxial will be the best one, considering I'm already using the USB input of the DAC for my Mac Mini, right?