Oppo BDP-95 Weakest Link

Greetings, First time poster. I've been dragged back into this hobby and I am caught on the upgrade path. Currently my system consists of B&W 804S speakers, Bryston 7BST amps, Classe CP-700 amp w/phono stage, Technics SL-1200MK2 Turntable with a undetermined Grado cartridge.

As I said, I'm tweaking and while I believe speakers are the fastest path to sonic improvement but maybe not the most cost efficient method. While the Oppo gets many great reviews I wonder if it isn't based on it's ability to do both audio and video. I don't especially care about the video.

I am now in the market for a gently used SACD player (own over 100 SACD's) and I'm narrowing it down to the Ayre C-5, Cary 306, or Esoteric X03 or X05. I've only listened to the Ayre at my dealer and was quite impressed. I'm assuming any of these units would be a substantial step up from the Oppo? Your thoughts?

Thank you
All the players you listed cost many times the price of an Oppo. IMHO, I believe the money will be better spent elsewhere.
Speakers? Amps? Would like to hear opinions. Have/had quite a few dollars tied up in equipment that didn't do it for me. Didn't research properly. The Oppo is a fine multi-purpose player and I will keep it for movies but music listening is my priority.
It's difficult to know what to suggest. You don't give us any idea about what you could spend. Anyway, my two suggestions are as follows:

1. Get the Oppo modified by Modwright. It will make a huge difference.
2. Look into much better speakers. If you need specific suggestions, ask - but be sure to provide info such as price range, speaker size, desire for bass, size of room, etc.

I wish you luck in getting the sound you're looking for!