Oppo Blu-Ray Players in 2023

Hello. I am new here and looking for some advice. I would like to start listening to CDs again and I am curious if the Oppo BDP-83 and BDP-93 are still decent as players and/or transports in 2023. I have seen lots of information from buy a $10 dvd player, get a PlayStation 1, or invest in transport only device. I have both those Oppo players sitting on a shelf since my movie collection moved to 4k over the years. It would be great to reuse some old gear if it still can provide quality music. These are not the SE versions and are bog standard launch models. 

Apologies in advance if I am a bit stupid. I sold off all my CD's over a decade ago and so getting back into this has been eye opening. I am doing my best. Thank you and take care. 


I still use an OPPO 103d to spin discs.    It's been a great machine , too bad OPPO got out of the game.  


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I would like to start listening to CDs again

Why??? Especially since you said you’ve already sold off all your CDs? Just stream through Qobuz and be happy. What am I missing here?

Maybe he’s concerned that you streamers screw us musicians. Probably not...but maybe.

@mahler123 I just have an smsl su-1 I use on my desk as my only stand alone dac. I am looking forward to seeing how it does vs the internal dacs and if maybe I want to get something more substantial for this use case. Thanks!