Oppo exploring additional production of UDP 205

For a few days now, I have been searching for a new OPPO UDP 205.  I wanted to purchase an OPPO UDP 205 for some time, but never got around to it. I revisited the OPPO site today and went to the OPPO UDP 205 page. There, I saw a new line that allows registration for a potential production run. I registered. Anybody else interested? Let's make it so that OPPO can't refuse to make one more production run. I'd love to see a huge Audiogon push. Let us know if you are in. 
Just registered, I've been meaning to pick one up but never got around to it. I currently have a Marantz UD-7007 and  AV-8801, using the digital HDMI into the receiver, I figured the DAC in the AV-8801 was better than the Blu-ray. Previously I used the XLR for CD's with my AV-7005. Any thoughts on this or the OPPO 205 vs UD-7007, audio only.  
Snapsc you are correct ! Atlanta bestbuy still have some left ! I just order it .. thank for the info! 
Just placed an order through them now. Free shipping and they had about 50 in the warehouse but going quick I was told. You should be able to order with whoever answers.
Just placed an order with them as well; press for a Sales Rep and you can order from whoever picks up that line. Right now they have 40 left! He said something about the unit will arrive in their store by Thursday then ship to me in VA after that.
Just ordered one too.  Called my local Magnolia (San Carlos, CA) and the salesman told me they were out of store inventory but would check with their midwestern warehouse and get an answer back to me by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I knew that’d be too late.  Called the Atlanta Magnolia  and was able to buy one on the spot.   Note that their inventory is going down fast, not many left.